Friday, February 6, 2009

Talking It Up

February 6th, Somewhere in FL

C- (Young girl cautiously approaches my booth with her older brother and sister, and sees that I'm cooking onions. She stares at me for a minute, then skips over and points to the onions.) "Can I have some?"
Me- "Sorry, Miss, I don't hand out food. I show people how these pans work. How old are you? My daughter is 3. You look about 5."
C- "I know what happens. Mama makes onions, and peppers, and other things, and, and Daddy slaps her on the behind and they kiss. They usually tell me I have to go outside. How come?"
(Her siblings yell for their mother, and they tell her that [name] is talking it up again.)
Me- (Shocked at the honesty and a bit embarrassed) "Onions make your eyes water." (Her mother spots her, and comes over and picks her up.)
C2- "Leave the man alone. He just selling pots and pans. We don't need none. Come on."

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