Friday, February 13, 2009

I Missed Something

February 13th, Somewhere in FL

C1- (Five women approach) "What he selling?"
C2- "Lies, lies, and more lies. And some more lies on top of those. He selling." (She addresses me directly) "What's this?"
Me- (I give a brief presentation, and pretend to not be affected by three of the women making the most ridiculous 'I don't believe you' faces.)
C3- "Oh yeah, does it cure cancer?"
C1- "You know it doesn't [name]. Why ask him?"
C2- "Hmm. Lies... like I said!"
Me- "Did you just ask me if a pan cures cancer, lady? Were you attempting to ask another question?" (I try to not get pissed, because they're blocking people who want to see what I'm selling)
C3- "No, it's dangerous. I'm just preaching the truth."
C1- "Yes she is."
Me- "Please help me." (I turn my head and single out an older woman watching from afar and smile big. I try to lighten things up.) "They're picking on me."
C4- (The woman I shouted to folds her arms and yells back) "You lost. If it doesn't cure cancer, they have a point."

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