Monday, December 22, 2008

How Much

December 22nd, Somewhere in VA

C- "How much?" (The small woman is clearly not a native english speaker)
Me- " How much is what, ma'am?"
C- "How much?" (Points at the demonstration pan with vegetables in it)
Me- "The vegetables?"
C- "How much?" (Raises voice to a near scream and points to, from where I'm standing, is the same pan)
Me- "I don't understand what you are asking about?"
C- "How... much?" (Brings her finger close to the burner plate under the pan)
Me- "I don't sell these heating units."
C- (Throws hands up into the air and yells) "What you sell? Food!?"
Me- "Cookware." (I point to the display in front of me. I speak softly in the hopes that she'll lower her voice)
C- "No good."

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