Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa's Elves

December 22nd, Somewhere in VA

Me- (Presenting to two women in their 40's, dressed up, and they both appear drunk. I've just finished the part about the quality handles)
C1- "Handles are silicone?"
Me- "Yup."
C2- "Slide 'em off [name]!" (Makes a slow rubbing motion and they both giggle.)
C1- "'Bout the right size, the one on the large pan." (Waves the grip at her friend)
C2- "Shake it girl!"
C1- "Many uses for these parts...hmmm."
C2- "Maybe I'll go try this one out!" (They both erupt with laughter. Turns attention to me) "Please? It's Christmas, man!"
C1- "She ain't too proud to beg!" (They start to sing that 90's song in unison, very off-key)
Note: They end up buying multiple sets.

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