Monday, December 8, 2008

Full of Bleach

December 8th, Somewhere in VA

C- (Woman is very animated and seems to want to buy, but keeps on making me show her more and more...) "I hate scrubbing pans. How do you clean them without water? Show me."
Me- (I wipe the pan clean with a paper towel)
C- "I don't use paper towels. They're full of bleach and very wasteful. I use a washable rag. Do you use a rag at home? Does it work? I need to know. Do you have one behind there? I need to see that."
Me- (I wipe it out with a new rag, and it begins to burn the microfiber rag. I panic and toss it on the ground behind the booth.) "Maybe not microfiber on a 400 degree pan." (I grab a piece of paper.) "You can use just about anything though." (I attempt to clean the rest of burnt food out with the paper, and succeed.)
C- "That's wasteful too. Paper's full of bleach. Did you know that? I guess you just don't get it." (Takes off her scarf and hands it to me.) "OK. Burn more milk. I need to see if this works, I need to see. You understand, right?"

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