Monday, December 8, 2008

Match Point

December 8th, Somewhere in VA

C- (Very large young woman approaches my booth with what looks to be her family [sisters & mother?]) "Businesses these days."
Me- "Excuse me?"
C- "No excuses, chef-man. Can't guarantee nothin'. Nothin'. Probably go bankrupt soon. Then where ya gunna cook, chef?"
Me- (I stare, silent, watching her gnaw at a tiny shrimp on a toothpick.)
C2- (Woman who looks to be mother of [C] speaks) "Don't worry, [name], he's just a pee-on."
C- "Keep cookin' it up with your crap promises, chef." (Looks at the banner hanging behind me)
"Weight loss friendly? What if I like being fat? Can this (pauses to swallow) business here guarantee I won't lose weight? Don't think so."
Me- (I watch silently as the group leaves.)

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