Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daytime Emmy

January 10th, Somewhere in GA

C-"They're too heavy." (Feebly tries to lift a small saucepan)
Me- "Compared to what?"
C- "I'm too old to cook. Too heavy for me, you know. What if I drop the pan on the floor with boiling soup or something, huh?"
Me- "Wouldn't want that. Who cooks your meals for you, ma'am?"
C- "My son, praise the Lord. He's a true blessing. You must be for your family, too. Such a nice young man. He used to be (leans forward and whispers at me) one of them gay boys. Not any more. Loved our neighbor. Neighbor was a bastard, though. Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be tellin' you this. Anyway, I lost everything when he robbed us and brought shame to [name]. It's true."
Me- (I nod, and have nothing to say, so I keep nodding. I can tell she needs to talk, so I listen.)
C- "He'd love these. Maybe keep him from going back."
Me- "OK."
C- "Can't lift nothin', and it's only me. How am I going to get this in the house? I can keep these in the car until he comes back from the hospital."
Me- "He's in the hospital?"
C- "Yes, in a coma. Almost died before, twice."
Me- (At this point, I have no idea how I'm supposed to respond.)
C- "Thank you so much." (She blankly smiles then walks away. Later, when talking to a store employee, I come to find that the lady is another employee's mother, who's been gossiping some soap opera drama on her visits.)

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