Wednesday, January 14, 2009


January 14th, Somewhere in GA

C-"Got any brats here? They used to sell 'em right here. Where are they?"
Me- "I don't work here, sir. I'm the cookware guy."
C- "You look like you'd know."
Me- "You mean, like I'm German?"
C- "No, like you eat plenty of 'em."
Me- "Oh. I can point you to the vinegar."
C- "Excuse me?" (He's got his sunglasses on inside the store, and makes a point to lower them on the bridge of his nose so he's looking straight at me.)
Me- "Probably making sauerkraut, right?"
C- "For a second I thought you were talking some shit, chef. What are you gettin' at?"
Me- "Might want to ask those folks over there." (I point, and he walks away, confused.)
C- (Comes back to my booth about 5 minutes later...) "You think I'm a douchebag, huh? I got that reference. I ain't dumb. I'll be lookin' for you when you leave tonight."
Me- "It's OK, don't bother. I'm feeling fresh."

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